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How to remove spots and freshen your laundry with home dry cleaning:

  1. Remove spot with provided cleaning cloth.
  2. Dry clean clothing using WOOLITE® Dry Cleaner's Secret® and your dryer.
  3. Enjoy professional dry cleaning results.

Detailed Instructions:

Step 1 - Spot Treating

  • Completely remove any visible spots from items by following the Spot Cleaning instructions.
    Note: If you do not need to spot clean, continue on to step 2.
  • Test garment for colorfastness. Do NOT
    spot clean flame resistant clothing such as children’s sleepwear.
  • Locate stain (dime size or less) on garment and place a solid, white paper towel under stain.
  • Remove Cleaning Cloth from packet and gently blot stain area. Move paper towel under stain frequently to absorb stain and cleaning fluid.
  • Continue until stain is removed completely or no further progress is seen – note cleaning and refreshing phase does not remove stains.
  • Blot excess cleaning formula from garment with a clean, solid white paper towel.

Step 2 - Toss in the dryer

  • Place 1 to 4 garments or items of similar fabric, weight, and color in dryer. Button or zip garments and turn fragile trim or buttoned garments inside out. Clean dryer lint filter thoroughly.
  • Do NOT use this product on Fur, Leather, Suede, or Velvet.
  • Remove and unfold the WOOLITE® Dry Cleaner's Secret® Cleaning Cloth from packet and place in dryer.
  • Tumble on Medium heat (Low or Perma Press) cycle for 20 minutes on timed setting – not counting the cool down cycle.

Step 3 - Ready to wear

  • Remove garments from dryer immediately after cycle has stopped for best results.
  • Throw away the WOOLITE® Dry Cleaner's Secret® Cleaning Cloth after use.
  • Garments are ready to hang up or wear.